Strategic Management

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Market Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • PEST
  • Supply and Demand
  • Pricing and Demand
  • Who buys what and why, market segmentation
  • Customer Service spectrum – Lendrum Model
  • Value and Price balanced with Cost and Margin
  • Market positioning – 4P’s model
  • Market forces – Porter’s Forces Model
  • Percieved Used Value and competion
  • Business growth and decline – Maturity curve
  • Pricing options – Bowman’s Clock
  • Balancing the business model – Boston Box
  • Funding growth – Boston Box and investment
  • Growth types – JV’s, Acquisitions, Organic
  • Growth Direction – Ansoff Model
  • Prioritising Growth opportunities – Benefit Imapact Matrix
  • Business Box concept of seecuring work
  • Securing opportunities – the funnel
  • Scenario Creation
  • Scenario Impact and Robustness
  • Managing the Risk and Opportuninties – PI grid

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