Consultancy and Facilitation

We work with you to identify, clarify, plan and implement the activities required to achieve your business goals and aims. Through Consultancy and Facilitation we provide the support and team engagement which enable results focussed business and growth plans to be developed and delivered.
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Development and Leadership

We recognise the importance of individual performance and teamwork in the realisation of any and every business goal. This necessitates individuals and teams being equipped with the required technical and managerial capabilities combined with the leadership skills with which to engage, inspire and motivate.
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Research and Application

Our work is underpinned by conducting ongoing research into the areas of specialism we provide to our customers. We believe that it is important to be able to provide our customers with proven business expertise that is combined with current thought leadership and research thinking.
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Consultancy and Facilitation

We can provide a range of focussed consultancy services in the areas of organisational development and design, business and strategic planning and change management. We believe that when looking to enhance performance of an organisation it is important that this is anchored in business reality. Once the direction is clear, tested and validated then the practical steps of how to achieve the goals need to be put in place.

This in turn is likely to require some alignment of organisational structure with the ways in which teams and individuals operate and with the core delivery processes and required governance. Inevitably change is required. A hands on approach can assist these changes through facilitated discussions which ultimately lead to improved buy-in and commitment to deliver.

We recognise that all this can only be achieved through engaged, empowered and effective teams which are directed, motivated and inspired.

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Organisational Design

  • Organisational structure and sizing
  • Ways of working and cultural alignment
  • Decision making rights and responsibility allocation

Business Planning

  • Market and customer analysis and critique
  • Competitor positioning and pricing propositions
  • Customer value propositions and benefit realisation

Change Management

  • Scenario development and planning
  • Change management planning and stakeholder management
  • Implementation planning, monitoring and delivery

Workshop Facilitation used to provide

  • Effective project start-up and problem solving
  • Inter and intra organisational team alignment
  • Integrated business planning and goal setting


Development and Leadership

We can provide a range of development and leadership approaches from tools to assist in structuring career frameworks through to the delivery of programmes and workshops, supportive coaching and mentoring. Our emphasis is on developing technical and managerial business skills supported by strong business leadership and effective team working skills. Our approach is to work with customers to fully understand the business goals they want to achieve and then to work together to put in place individual and team development and learning which will enable the organisation to succeed.  In many situations our services are used to combine both the consultancy and development offerings to analyse, understand and then improve both business and team performance focussed on a specific need. Our approach utilises experiential learning techniques focussed on developing understanding and skills rather than just transferring knowledge. The interventions can be delivered as tailored workshops, training events and on a one to one coaching basis.

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Sales and Business Development

  • Customer value proposition and benefits selling
  • Selling and negotiation tactics programmes
  • Selling techniques and customer relationship skills

Leadership and Business Management

  • Business planning workshops
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Leading and project managing change workshops

Individual and Team Effectiveness

  • Teams effectiveness performance workshops
  • Team and individual coaching and mentoring
  • Inter-organisational team effectiveness workshops

Career and Development Frameworks

  • Tailored online capability mapping tools
  • Technical, behavioural and managerial frameworks
  • Career and Job Family frameworks with development options


Research and Application

By combining research with practise we can bring the very best in a practical and grounded business manner. We take current thinking and proven methodologies, we consider their application into new and existing business environments in order to assist understanding and to look for opportunities for paradigm shifts of performance. At all times we maintain a business reality but we also recognise that we have a duty to our customers to bring them the very best in terms of thinking and thought leadership to enable everyone to succeed in achieving the highest level of performance. Our research helps to provide fresh thinking and insight into current developments and understanding from across many industries. Our skill is then to take this research and contextualise it in a way that makes business sense. Our research underpins our approaches however we can also provide tailored workshops, training events or one off analysis on a specific area of interest.

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Collaborative Working

  • Emergent and engineered styles of collaboration
  • Relationship of competition and collaboration within and across teams
  • Collaborative working in Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Temporary Organisations

  • Formation of inter-organisational project teams
  • Team performance within a temporary project team
  • Individual and team identity and their dynamics

Inter-organisational working

  • Alignment of inter-organisational objectives
  • Role and impact of permanent organisations on temporary project teams
  • Collaboration and competition between organisations

Project Team working

  • Structure, decision making, power and authority
  • Mutual benefits and interdependency between parties
  • Formation of social norms, trust and reciprocity


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